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How to get to the Chemistry Center!

To find a particular person at Biochemistry and Structural Biology please visit this page!

Postal address:
Lund University
PO Box 124
221 00 Lund

Delivery address:
Naturvetarv. 16
222 41 Lund

Invoice address:
Box 188
221 00 Lund

Internal invoice address:
Box 188
Hämtställe 80

Internal address:
Hämtställe 1

+46 46 222 4116





Responsible positions at CMPS

Head of Biochemistry and
Structural Biology 
Per Kjellbom 

Department Administrator 
Maryam Saati

Economy Administrator 
Andreas Andersson

Purchasing Coordinator 
Marya Saati

Magnus Alsterfjord