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Prospective PhD students:

We currently do not have any open PhD positions but are always interested in hearing from highly motivated students with a excellent academic track record. Prospective students would either have a background in computational biology/bioinformatics or in protein chemistry/biotechnology. You need to have a taken a substantial amount of math and physics/physical chemistry at University level. The work in the group is in the interface between biology, chemistry, physics and computer science.

Prospective postdocs:

We currently don't have any open positions. But researchers willing to apply for funding on their own or together with me can apply. Projects in the area of structure prediction requires strong programming skills. For projects in protein design it is necessary to have some experimental background in protein chemistry (structural biology) and a strong interested in learning computational methods. 


Prospective master students:

We are always interested in hearing from highly motivated undergraduates interested in scientifically challenging thesis projects. For a description of possible master thesis projects in the group, click here.