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Department specific information

Department activities

At the Devision of Biochemistry & Structural Biology several events take place on a regular basis where everybody is welcome!


Department meetings

Responsible: Per Kjellbom

2-3 times every semester. The economy is presented, new members are introduced and any department-wide information is spread. 


PhD student meetings

Responsible: Viktoria Bågenholm

Prior to department meetings and only for the PhD students. PhD related issues are discussed. Currently Viktoria Bågenholm should be notified if there is anything you wish to add to the meeting agenda.


Kitchen duties

Every week two persons are responsible for maintaining a clean lunch room. A new schedule is made for every semester. The responsibilities include:

1) Make sure that the coffee machines, microwave ovens, stove, sink and benches are clean.

2) Fill, start and empty the dishwashers. Make sure at least one machine is empty before lunch.

3) Check the fridge and throw away expired or bad food.

4) Change the towels and the dishcloth when needed.

5) Refill holders with paper towels from the storage room on floor +1.

6) Get milk Monday and Wednesday mornings from the Caffe Ester.


Breakfast seminars

Responsible: Viktoria Bågenholm

Thursdays at 9:15, with breakfast being served at 9:00 (provided by the presenter). Two PIs give 10-20 min general presentations (their career choices, strategies for funding and hiring students etc) or one PhD/postdoc holds a 20-25 min presentation about their work, with questions and discussion afterwards. The atmosphe is relaxed and this is a good place to get input on confusing results or tips on how to solve a problem.

Standard expected breakfast (20-30 people): a couple of loaves of bread, a couple of things to put on the bread and some juice. If receipts are handed in to the secretary it is possible for PhDs to be compensated by up to 300 kr.

An email should be sent out with instructions when it is possible to sign up for the coming semester. As a PhD you are expected to give a presentation. The schedule can be found on the CMPS web site


Thursday (beer) club

Responsible: Olof Stenström, Veronika Nesverova and Stefan Kreida

Thursdays at 17:00 in the lunchroom. A place to just hang out. Everyone stays for as long as they like. The locked fridge in the lunchroom will be open, making the refreshment accessible. 


Christmas party

Responsible: New PhD students

Every year at the beginning of December the department arranges a Christmas party, which usually takes place in the lunch room. It usually starts around 6 and everyone who wants to come is expected to bring some contribution. Those not from Sweden are encouraged to bring something typical for Christmas/winter/equivalent in their home country. This is organised by all PhDs that have been hired since the last Christmas party. To organise it you need to do the following:

1) Set a date. Check the calendar in the secretary’s office to make sure there are no PhD defences or similar activities that day. The Christmas party is usually on a Thursday: this way the left over food can be eaten on the Friday.

2) Put up the list where people can sign up on the fridge in the lunch room. The list contains different dishes traditionally served at a Swedish Christmas dinner. Everybody may also add own dishes. There are some options to help with the cleaning. People sign up for the Christmas party and indicate what food they want to bring.

3) Some sort of entertainment is always nice. This does not have to be extensive and could be something like a quiz or some game we all play.

4) Part of the drinks are provided by the Devision, otherwise people should bring their own drinks.