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Learning Swedish


Swedish for university staff (SFU)

PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are considered to be employees at Lund University. The University offers Swedish language courses for employees (SFU courses) - talk to your supervisor or head of department for more details.

Lund University also offers Swedish language courses with rapid progression, in cooperation with Scandinavian Languages at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL). Information abut registration can be found at the respective website. 


Additional opportunities:

Self-study Swedish courses for beginners: Free online online course in Swedish for beginners. This is a self-study course that provides some basics in written and spoken language. The course does also provide some insights into Swedish culture and society.

Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

Swedish at Folkuniversitet: Folkuniversitet is an educational organisation in Lund that offers Swedish courses at all levels. Cost is involved.

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