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Heat shock proteins

A special type of molecular chaperone proteins, so called small heat shock protein (sHsp) chaperones, are investigated. The sHsps are multimeric proteins which are crucial to promote survival of cells. The sHsps act through interaction with early unfolding intermediates of other proteins and prevent their aggregation. The sHsps are ubiquitously expressed, with 10 different homologues in the human genome and 25 different homologues in Arabidopsis thaliana. We have found that overexpression of Hsp21, a chloroplast localized sHsp, increases plant stress resistance and we have characterized recombinantly expressed Hsp21.

We investigate protein-protein interactions to elucidate the mechanism of how sHsps interact with and protect cellular client proteins, by chemical crosslinking, mass spectrometric mapping of crosslinked peptides, single particle EM and NMR.

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