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Practical Information

PhD students are considered to be employees at Lund University. For information and forms relating to your employment and day-to-day work, please visit the staff pages:

Employment information webpage: Here you can find all kind of important information regarding health care service, working glasses, sick leave ect. 

Current doctoral students: General information regarding: the research portal, list of upcoming thesis defenses, information for the “Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremoney”, etc. 


Scholarships and grants

All students are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships and own grants! Apart from the benefit of getting additional funds for the project this is an excellent training opportunity for future carrier! 

Please note that all grant and scholarship applications usually have a deadline, prepare your application well in advance!


If help is required

Doctoral Student Union: monitors PhD education at the Science Faculty, they are represented at different organisational levels within the faculty.

Please NOTE: Everybody who is officially a PhD student and pays the student fee becomes a member of the union.

Lund Doctoral Student Union  has a ‘doktorandombudsman’ = a person working fulltime to help all PhD students at Lund University by answering questions on various matters, including legal matters.

Everybody who is officially a PhD student and pays student fee becomes a member of Lund Doctoral Student Union.


Major trade unions at the university

SULF (Swedish Association of University Teachers)

Naturvetareförbundet (The Swedish Association of Scientists).

The trade unions often have more power than student unions in questions related to employment and salary. Together with the doktorandombudsmannen they can help with issues like a lost year of PhD studies due to changing supervisor, general rights, unemployment benefit programs in Sweden, etc.

NOTE: You have to actively become a member of a trade union. A union can only help official members.

AEA (Unemployment fund for graduates in Sweden): a person has to have at least 20% PhD position to become a member. A person has to have been a member of the union for at least 12 months to be entitled for unemployment benefits. Foreign students can only receive unemployment benefits if they stay in Sweden after finished studies.

NOTE: One needs to actively become a member of AEA, this is normally resolved through the trade union.


There is also something called ‘trygghetsstiftelsen’, which has special unemployment benefits for students if a person has been employed by a state organisation like Lund University. However, one has to have been employed continuously for at least 3 years to be qualified for help at ‘trygghetsstiftelsen’.