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Teaching at BSB: Short Overview

The teaching programme at the Devision of Biochemistry and Structural Biology is based on a fundamental approach to the chemistry of life. Our courses are run at undergraduate and Masters levels, and provide basic knowledge of the molecules of biological systems, their structure and interactions and enzyme reactions. Experimental protein chemistry, being a central topic in any research in biochemistry, is also oart of the programme, which includes laboratory practicals where the students learn planning their experiments, running them, documenting and analysing. 

The advanced biochemistry course (KEMM13), focuses on molecular mechanisms of protein function with particular emphasis on membrane proteins. The structure and functional mechanisms of proteins involved in energy transduction, fundamental principles of bioenergetics, cellular signalling and transmembrane transport are studied in greater detail.

The structural bioinformatics course KEMM15 focuses on the three-dimensional structure of proteins, classification of structures and structural databases, prediction and modelling of protein structure, ligand binding and the use of protein structure in the design of new pharmaceuticals. In addition, the theoretical basics of X-ray crystallography and other experimental methods such as small angle X-ray scattering, neutron scattering etc., are presented and discussed. 

Below you will find links to the respective course pages with more detailed content description and requirements. For international admission please follow the link on the right. Please note, not all courses are given in English. Course name shown in English indicates that it is given in English. 

  • KEMA03 - Biokemi, grundkurs, 7,5 hp
  • KEMC03 - Experimentell proteinkemi (Experimental Protein Chemistry), 15 hp
  • MOBA02/TEK287 - Cellens kemi (Chemistry of the Cell), 15 hp
  • MOBA03- Molekylärbiologi, 15 hp
  • KEMM23 - Biokemi, fördjupningskurs (Biochemistry Advanced Course), 15 hp
  • KEMM25 - Strukturbioinformatik (Structural Bioinformatics), 15 hp

Information about the Masters programme in Biochemistry:

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