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Former members of Biophysical Chemistry

Former faculty, PhD students, postdocs and visiting scientists (≥ one year) at the Department of Biophysical Chemistry (or, prior to Sept 2001, the Department of Physical Chemistry 2) in alphabetical order. This (incomplete) list includes people who left the Department after 1995.

  • Shuji Kaleda
    E-mail: shuji.kaleda[at]nn.nn
  • Ashar Khan
    E-mail: shuji.kaleda[at]nn.nn
  • Stina Lindman
    Camurus, Lund
  • Andreas Muranyi Scheutz
    Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, Science and Technology Office, Swedish Embassy, New Delhi, India
  • Jan-Erik Norne
    Deceased 21 December 2011.
  • Olga Szczepankiewicz
  • Ulrich Weininger
    University of Halle
    E-mail: ulrich.weininger[at]nn.nn