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Microscopy methods in biological research - week 48

Course code PLS0073

Course decription Visualization and understanding of cellular structures and their composition is of great importance in biological research, and also for applications of bio-based materials. The course gives an overview and hands-on training on common low- and high-resolution microscopy methods. A short introduction and hands-on training of optical and electron microscopy as well as fluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopy is included.

The course is applicable for any type of biological material. Sample preparation for different types of microscopy is discussed. Special emphasis is given on how to handle plant material for microscopy. Participants can use their own material to certain extent during training sessions. Case-studies highlight how microscopy methods can be applied in research. The course is completed with a round-table discussion where the participants discuss given case studies and possible applications of microscopy in their own projects.

The course is located partly in Lund University, Department of Biology, partly at SLU campus Alnarp, Department of Plant Protection Biology.

Course organizer
Salla Marttila, SLU Alnarp
Phone: +46 (0)40 41 55 22

Ola Gustafsson, LU