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Protein mass spectrometry - week 45

Course code NAKE007

Course description

This course gives an introduction in how to use protein mass spectrometry as a tool in protein science. Practical parts include protein and peptide sample preparation and sample deposition with different techniques, prefractionation of complex peptide samples by nanoLC and solid phase extraction with reversed phase chromatography. Manual and automated MS-data acquisition is conducted, for intact protein mass in linear mode, for peptide mass in reflector mode, and for peptide sequence information using MSMS. Also included is basic data analysis, using Mascot-searches for protein identification, assessment of PTMs and high-resolution MS/MS data to determine amino acid sequence. In the end of the course the students have the possibility to analyze their own samples.


Course organizer

Katja Bernfur

Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Faculty of Science (N)

Lund University


More information

Katja Bernfur

Tel: +46 (0)46-222 9382; (0)731-571366