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Protein spectroscopy - week 36

Course code KBK001F

Course description
Optical techniques are used to obtain information about the structure, interactions and dynamics of proteins. It is therefore the aim of the course to provide the necessary knowledge to collect “good and reliable” data, to understand preprocessing routines and eventually to analyze the data. The course will cover the 4 main techniques found in protein spectroscopy: UV absorbance, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism and Vibrational Spectroscopy.

Course content

  • Short description of the techniques and what they can do.
  • Short description of advanced usages of the techniques and analysis (accessories and softwares)
  • Short description and tutorial on data analysis, specially secondary structure estimation and conformational transitions.
  • Lab practicals with all 4 techniques on standard proteins and on students own proteins (data collection and analysis).

Course organizer
Cedric Dicko
Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Chemical Center,
Getingevägen 60, 22241 Lund, Sverige

More information
Cedric Dicko
tel. + 46 (0)46 222 82 62
fax. + 46 (0)46 222 46 11