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Biobanking - week 46

Biobanking Sciences in the era of Personalized Medicine

Course code MESAB1F

Course description
Since the end of the 20th century, researchers and healthcare personnel have been collecting and storing samples to ensure high-quality and standardized material for biomedical research. These so-called biorepositories (or biobanks) maintain this biomaterial under controlled conditions and protect patients’ confidentiality in secure fashion. Biobanks are a fundamental source of material (and the data associated with it) for large-scale epidemiological studies and for seeking new drugs and new therapeutic targets.

The course will cover a series of important aspects, including:

• General overview of Biobanking Sciences and its role in biomedical research (diabetes, breast cancer, leukemia, etc.)

• Ethical and legal aspects regarding the use and storage of human biological samples

• Quality issues and Good Laboratory Practice. Pre-analytical errors

• Personalized Medicine: Methods of molecular analysis

• Bioinformatics

The course is a collaboration between the Universities in Lund and Copenhagen and course activities will take place in both cities. Train tickets will be covered by the course. In addition the five days in class, three days are required for reading of the course literature prior to the days in class and two days are needed after for an individual written exam after.

Course organizer

Alexander Lind

EXODIAB: Excellence in Diabetes Research in Sweden



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