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Genotyping and genome editing - in January 2022

Course description

This is a course about genotyping methods in plant mutagenesis and genome editing, like mutagenesis breeding (eg.Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes, TILLING) and genome editing (eg. CRISPR/cas9) especially in non-model plants, the course will:

• introduce the principle and the application of advanced genotyping techniques eg. high-resolution-melting PCR (HRM-PCR), high resolution fragment analysis (HRFA) and capillary electrophoresis etc.

• provide hand-on training on the general good practices for genotyping analysis in molecular lab and the specific equipment(s) and available genotyping platform in the Department of Plant Breeding, Alnarp, SLU

Please note: this course will not be given during fall 2020 but in January 2022. 


Course organizer

Rui Guan

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Campus Alnarp


More information: Rui Guan E-mail: