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Genotyping and genome editing - week 35

Course description

This is a course about genotyping methods in plant mutagenesis and genome editing, like mutagenesis breeding (eg.Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes, TILLING) and genome editing (eg. CRISPR/cas9) especially in non-model plants, the course will:

• introduce the principle and the application of advanced genotyping techniques eg. high-resolution-melting PCR (HRM-PCR), high resolution fragment analysis (HRFA) and capillary electrophoresis etc.

• provide hand-on training on the general good practices for genotyping analysis in molecular lab and the specific equipment(s) and available genotyping platform in the Department of Plant Breeding, Alnarp, SLU



Course organizer

Rui Guan

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Campus Alnarp


More information: Rui Guan E-mail: