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Image analysis and visualization in life sciences - week 40

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Course description

The wide variety of image analysis software available nowadays have made many (complicated) image analysis tasks accessible. Additionally, image analysis workflows frequently contain common operations that can be reused. Yet setting up an efficient analysis workflow can be challenging and likely requires knowledge of different analysis software, acquisition methods, data formats, and data visualization. This course will teach the students an “image analysis mindset” to make image analysis tasks more approachable using a variety of image analysis and visualization tools, both open source and commercial. The course will cover basic concepts like image generation, file formats, noise, filters, meta data and best practices for data handling etc combined with practical exercises inspired by the different image modalities present at Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC). As examination, the students are expected to apply key concepts covered during the course on imaging data. Students are expected to bring their own laptops


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Sebastian Wasserstrom

Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC)

Klinikgatan 30, BMC D11

22184 Lund