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Practical protein bioinformatics - week 37

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Course description

This is a hands-on course for those with no previous bioinformatic or computer coding experience. It will showcase a variety of publicly available web servers that you can use to analyse protein sequences and predict structure and function. Analysis tools covered in tutorials are likely to include BlastP, PSI-Blast, MAFFT, NCBI CDD, HHPred, AlphaFold, Dali, FoldSeek, Consurf, SignalP, TMHMM, String, FunCoup and webFlaGs. We will also explore organism-specific databases.

Participants are kindly requested to bring their own computers. Example protein sequences will be provided, and it is possible for participants to bring their own sequences for analysis. All of the analyses are carried out online, but before the course you may want to install Aliview or Bioedit for visualising sequence alignments, and PyMol for visualising protein structures.


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Gemma C. Atkinson

Department of Experimental Medical Science (EMV)