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Proteomics - week 40

Course code KIM085F

Course description

Proteomics refers to the large-scale analysis of proteins and their post translational modifications (PTMs) and is mainly performed using mass spectrometry (MS). Today, MS-based proteomics is used extensively in the life sciences with applications spanning from exploratory basic research to precision medicine. This course gives theoretical background to, and practical experience with, key aspects of MS-based workflows for quantitative analyses of proteomes and their PTMs.

Note: if you are interested in this course it is advicable to apply also for the course in 'Proteomic data analysis'

Course organizer
Magnus Jakobsson
Department of Immunotechnology
Faculty of Engineering (LTH)
Lund University

More information
Magnus JakobssonTel: +46 (0) 735 254700


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