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Masters Programme

Masters Programme in Molecular Protein Science

The Masters Programme in Molecular Protein Science is given by the Division of Biochemistry & Structural Biology.

Programme duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Credits: 120 ECTS credits

Programme start: Autumn semesters


Programme overview:

Understanding proteins is central to understanding and solving both medical and biotechnological problems on the molecular level. This programme explores the molecular structures and functional mechanisms of a large number of proteins. Graduates from the programme will master methods of cloning, expression and purification of proteins, and a number of specialized techniques for analyzing proteins. They will also be able to use and understand primary scientific publications, and have the ability to independently plan, carry out and critically evaluate experiments.

During the first year of the programme students follow advanced courses in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. During the second year, they choose one or two projects in the field of protein science, which can be carried out out at the University or in a company with relevant research profile. Participation in seminar series, career training and development of other general skills is also encouraged during the second year of studies.

Graduates from the programme will be highly skilled in research and development, and are well prepared both for work in the biomedical/biotechnology industry or for entering a PhD programme.

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