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Research at CMPS covers the molecular properties, structure, function, and interactions of proteins and other biomolecules.

Proteins regulate the flow of information and energy in cells and mediate the physical translocation and chemical transformations of cellular components. Protein assembly creates the intricate structures that make these processes possible. In short, proteins enable life. The ability to modulate the molecular interactions, structures and dynamics of proteins forms the basis for biomedical and biotechnological advances.

CMPS brings together scientists in biochemistry, molecular biophysics, structural biology, physical and theoretical chemistry. We uncover molecular principles and mechanisms while exploring structure, dynamics and function of key proteins in a highly integrated approach. Development of new powerful experimental and theoretical tools plays a key role.

CMPS includes two departments at Lund University: Biochemistry and Structural Biology and Biophysical Chemistry.

News, Seminars and Thesis Defence

CMPS Breakfast Seminars
Thursdays at 9.00 in the lunch room

PhD Thesis Defence at CMPS
2015-03-06, 10.15, Hall B, Kemicentrum
Sebastian Rämisch
Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Prediction, Design and Determination of ProteinStructures

CMPS Seminar
Birte Höcker from the Max Planck institute for developmental biology.
On the evolution and design of proteins from subdomain sized fragments. More information!
150306, 15.15, lecture hall K:E

CMPS Professor Henrik Stålbrand has received 22 million from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). The funding is for a project on biocatalysis for new products based on hemicellulose. Read more!

Fluid-like virus DNA facilitates viral infection!
CMPS Associate Professor Alex Evilevitch and colegues found that tightly packaged DNA in the viral capsid of a bacterial virus undergoes a solid-to-fluid–like structural transition that facilitates infection close to 37 °C. Read more! (In Swedish with links to publications).

CMPS Professor Lo Gorton has received the Katsumi Niki Prize for Bioelectrochemistry!
Professor Lo Gorton was given the prize for his pioneering work in the field of bioelectrochemistry, especially NADH electrocatalysis, and for his influential activity in the fields of biosensors and biofuel cells.

CMPS Professor Sara Snogerup Linse has been awarded 1,2 million KTH's Big Prize 2014!
Professor Sara Snogerup Linse receives the prestigious prize for her groundbreaking work with the biophysical chemistry of proteins and their crucial part in mechanisms behind Diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson. Read more (in Swedish)!  

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Breakfast Seminars Thursdays at 9 in the lunch room  

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PhD Thesis Defence:

2015-03-06, 10.15, Hall B, Kemicentrum
Sebastian Rämisch
Biochemistry and
Structural Biology
Prediction, Design and Determination of ProteinStructures

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