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Research at CMPS

The focus of the research activities at CMPS is within some major areas of modern biochemistry, structural biology and biophysical chemistry. Our research interests cover topics such as membrane protein structure and function; structure, function and dynamics of enzymes; molecular interactions and large macromolecular assemblies; bio-electrochemistry; RNA, DNA and viruses.

A wide range of biochemical and biophysical methods are used within CMPS. Among these are NMR, X-ray crystallography, LC-MALDI-TOF/TOF and state-of-the art ESI mass spectrometry (Orbitrap Velos Pro), microcalorimetry (ITC, DSC), surface plasmon resonance (Biacore 3000), ellipsometry, chromatography, DNA sequencing, and protein engineering, CD spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering (DLS).

Projects listed by group leaders

Per-Åke Albertsson (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Structure and function of the thylakoid membrane

Mikael Akke (Biophysical Chemistry)
Conformational entropy in ligand binding and drug design
Conformational dynamics and enzyme catalysis
Partial unfolding and transient oligomerization of superoxide dismutase

Salam Al-Karadaghi (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Structure, function and assembly of frataxin oligomers
The terminal reaction in heme biosynthesis: ferrochelatase
Heme, Chlorophyll and vitamin B12 synthesis: Ferro-, magnesium & cobalt chelatase
Enzyme inhibitors & structure-aided drug design

Ingemar Andre (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Predicting the structure of biological protein assemblies
Designing the structure of protein assemblies

Torbjörn Drakenberg (Biophysical Chemistry)
Three-Dimensional Structure of β- MIcroseminoprotein and its interaction with CRISP-3

Sofi Elmroth (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Nucleic acids as drug targets

Cecilia Emanuelsson (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Molecular chaperones (heat shock proteins)
Plasma membrane proteomics
Proteome profiling and allergy charachterization

Lo Gorton (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)

Bertil Halle (Biophysical Chemistry)
Water in protein function
Protein stability and dynamics
Water in cell biology
Molecular basis of magnetic resonance imaging
Water structure and dynamics
Theory of nuclear spin relaxation   

Urban Johanson (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Aquaporins channel water through membranes

Bengt Jönsson (Biophysical Chemistry)
Thermodynamics of ionic amphiphile - water systems
Adsorption of amphiphilic molecules on solid and liquid interfaces
Membrane technology
Thermodynamics of ion exchange chromatography
Molecular exchange in colloidal systems
Biophysics of viruses

Per Kjellbom (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Aquaporins channel water through membranes

Christer Larsson (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
The plasma membrane proton pump

Derek Logan (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Mechanism and allosteric regulation in ribonucleotide reductase
Structural studies on proteins and their complexes in the extracellular matrix
MAX-lab (The Lund Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

Sara Snogerup Linse (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Calcium signaling networks
Protein amyloid formation
Non-covalent interactions in proteins
Stabilization of therapeutic proteins
Protein folding through kinetic discrimination – MC simulations of amyloid formation
Biological risks of nanoparticles

Henrik Stålbrand (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Enzymology of hemicellulose hydrolysis

Pär Söderhjelm (Biophysical Chemistry)
Computational Modeling of Protein Dynamics

Folke Tjerneld (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Enzymatic conversion of cellulose
Separation systems in membrane proteomics

Hans-Erik Åkerlund (Biochemistry and Structural Biology)
Photosynthesis under stress
Structure and function of the thylakoid membrane